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Smooth finish. Not-Rustic.
Perfect for cooking, mixing, lifting, flipping...
Easy to reach corners for total control.
Handmade from only one piece of quality olive wood.
12" in Length
Each spatula has its own unique grain character
Olive wood is very rich with beautiful and strong grain character. 
No two are alike, everyone is different, beautiful and unique.
Very hard, strong, durable and aromatic.
Dried out olive wood properly so it won't crack or bend over the time. moisture meters are always in use.
These are only sanded to a smooth finish then wiped with vegetable oil. We strictly don't use any chemical coatings or glue.
All our products are food safe. Olive Wood does not absorb liquids, bad odours or colours.
Olive Wood has natural antibacterial properties which means bacteria cannot penetrate into the wood.
Olive Wood is biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Hand wash only, wipe with any food-grade oil to restore look