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Impressive & Practical Solid Olive Wood Round Bowl for salad serving with style!   This beautiful olive wood bowl will Impress your guests and add style to your table & kitchen .  
Handcrafted wooden solid bowl made of high quality greek natural olive wood with a high density (92% approx).   This olive wood serving bowl with its beautiful style and color is not only a practical item for your kitchen but also a stylish serving accessory.   Olive wood, salad serving bowl is highly durable, practical and most importantly a healthier alternative to other woods, silicon or plastic products.  
Olive wood is a rare & valuable natural resource.  
Only olive tree branches from pruned olive trees are used  Olive wood caring instructions available below. Comes with a stylish free fabric gift bag or pouch. Handmade Quality, Solid Olive Wood Item Made in Greece - Ships from Greece   Dimensions: Diameter 25cm (9.84") Weight 1.8lbs (0.80kg)  
Additional Olive wood info:   Olive Wood is a Valuable, Strong and Hard Type of Wood. It is Recognized for Its Beautiful Grain and Natural Patterning and Also its Distinctive Physical Odor that Adds to its Overall Character. Olive Wood due To Its Rich Color and Appearance, it is a Sought-after Material for Decorative Items. Olive Wood Will Last A Lifetime If It is Properly Looked After.    
Olive wood Caring Instructions:  
1. Hand Wash in Warm Water Using a Mild Dishwashing Soap.   
2. Dry Thoroughly With a Soft lint-free Towel.  
3. Once a Month, Rub With Olive, Peanut or Sunflower Oil-dip a Paper Towel Into The Oil and Gently Rub (Circular Motion) Over The Surface.  
4. Wipe Off Excess Oil With a Soft Lint-Free Cloth or a Clean Paper Towel.  
5. Do not Leave Olive Wood Soaking in Water or Expose to Heat or Sunshine.